Expert Talks 2023

by | Jun 22, 2023

Informative and engaging talks for Elementary school parents



Empowering parents with knowledge and skills to foster holistic development and meaningful connections with their children, creating a positive impact on families and communities.


  • promoting children’s overall well-being and development.
  • Provide a supportive platform for open and informed discussions to help parents navigate difficult conversations
  • Cultivate mindful parenting practices that promote healthy relationships within families.


The foundation organized three different informative talks one month apart for Morningside Montessori Elementary school parents, featuring experts discussing topics such as identifying children’s unmet needs, effective communication about sex and sexuality, and mindful parenting. The project aimed to empower parents, support the Parents Association and foster a sense of community. Childcare services were provided to facilitate parental attendance and engagement.


  • Global Education:  the project promoted respectful dialogues, enabling parents to navigate these conversations with cultural sensitivity and a broader understanding of diverse perspectives.
  • Social Innovation: the project provided on-site childcare during the talks, ensuring that parents could fully engage and participate without concerns, hence, breaking down barriers to parent involvement and ultimately fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for parent engagement.
  • Parent Engagement:  the project encouraged parents’ active participation and provided them with valuable knowledge and resources to support their children’s well-being and growth.


  • These talks were a collaborative effort to support The Morningside Parents Association and all sponsors played a vital role in organizing and disseminating knowledge to the parent community, strengthening the impact of the project.
  • Appreci, a family care platform, absorbed the Eventssori costs associated with providing engaging activities for the children during the talks, ensuring their safety and entertainment.
  • Morningside Montessori Elementary School provided the premises and necessary equipment for the events.
  • Axnagal partially enabled the foundation to deliver high-quality content and services to the parents


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