About us

The Values Innovation Education (The VIE Foundation) is a non-profit value-based organization in Cyprus that supports social innovation projects fostering the respectful upbringing, development, and progress of children

We believe that collaborations and the exchange of knowledge, practices and expertise related to social innovation, global learning and family can inoculate and create new ideas that will strengthen the wider civil society and bring about positive changes.

We must look to the children as a vehicle for bringing change to humanity.


To conduct and promote research on value based innovative educational processes, methods and products that have high potential for positive social impact.

To inspire and actively engage our community in exploring our role in making our world a fair, respectful and sustainable place, where every person can fulfil their potential.

To support all stakeholders involved in the upbringing, development and progress of children, including parents, educators, coaches and researchers.

To equip parents and educators with effective values-based tools to strengthen authentic and respectful communication with children that will foster their critical thinking skills, their confidence and their independence inside and outside classroom settings.


Global Education

We live in a world today that is faced with complex global challenges such as the climate crisis, global social injustices, wars, flows of migration and increasing racism…Global Learning offers a holistic, learner-centered approach to education that aims to critically explore the world and our place within it, to foster greater understanding of global interdependencies, and to encourage active engagement of learners to bring about positive social change towards a more peaceful, just and sustainable future for all. 

Social Innovation

We include the child perspective in the innovation process with the idea that the design thinking principles used by corporations to innovate is innate in the creative learning process of children when their development and curiosity are respected and empowered. In the same way, we use design thinking processes to explore and bring back creative learning abilities to children and adults alike, whether at schools, at work, or at home, the purpose is to develop empathy, redefine niche problems, and create innovative solutions ultimately resulting in a wider social impact.


Family Engagement 

Families play an important role not only in the social, emotional and academic development of children but also in the betterment of society as a whole.  We believe that strengthening and enhancing the interaction between families and schools, as well as the interaction between parents and children at home contributes to positive outcomes that propagate in different environments.  Therefore, we systemically include families in activities and programs that support trust and respect and improve communication among all stakeholders.

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.




Juliana has been actively involved for more than 10 years in STEM education and as a chemical engineer and avid learner, using always her creative side, she has dedicated her full time in recent years to constructing, leading and consulting innovative projects with social impact. As a mother and educator, she challenges existing educational paradigms and supports the inclusion of alternative methods and practices that can help to overcome the roadblocks to opportunities and success while they contribute to the intellectual, emotional, and physical upbringing of children and the personal and professional development of all individuals. Juliana speaks Spanish, English, Greek and French.



Kerstin has 15 years of experience in the field of Global Education, specifically in preparing, developing and implementing trainings in the formal and non-formal education sector, both on national and European level. She has been involved in developing training materials, handbooks and other educational
tools on various topics related to Global Education. Kerstin holds a M.A.
International Relations/Peace-Conflict Studies; Educational Science and Islamic
Sciences from the University of Tübingen, Germany. She is based in Cyprus with her husband and her children. 
Kerstin speaks English, Greek, German and French.



Giedre has a legal background and has worked in the financial sector in Cyprus for over 10 years.
Through her youth years in Lithuania, she was actively involved in Operation Snowball (international alcohol, tobacco and drug-use prevention program) as a group leader. Social responsibility and values education has always been her passion.
Now, being also a mother of two boys, she is advocating for education that helps children grow within their own character, enhance critical thinking, achieve their full potential, and encourage sustainable actions.  Giedre speaks English, Greek, Lithuanian and Russian.

Innovation doesn’t equal social good, but social good can be accelerated by innovation… provided that purpose is at the heart of that innovation.



 Through our work, we want to support our community (and specifically families and educators) to enhance their critical thinking skills, help strengthen connection within the family, the classroom and the community. 


Together with our pool of experts we offer workshops, discussions and trainings for schools, children and youth, as well as for parents and educators. Contact us for more details.


We are preparing a wide range of tools and materials covering global learning themes, social innovation and promoting connection and confidence within families.